How House Cleaning Benefits Health

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You have a strong conviction that you should maintain your home as clean as humanly possible. Perhaps your parents ingrained this trait in you, or perhaps societal pressure has you feeling the need to break out the mop and bucket. But does it really make a difference if you let your house fall into disarray? Yes, in fact, it does. A clean and neat home has been proven to have some health benefits, according to scientific evidence. Allowing your home to get messy or disorderly, on the other hand, can have a detrimental impact on your emotional and physical well-being. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Sometimes you just need a little push to get yourself started on the path to developing excellent habits. There are a variety of compelling reasons to maintain things neat and tidy, and we’ve got you covered on that front. Here are some of the ways house cleaning benefits health .

Less Stress

The accumulation of visual clutter leads to the accumulation of mental clutter. You may believe that you have learned to live with your numerous mounds of clutter, however the truth is that they are most certainly having a greater impact on your life than you realize. The results of a 2010 study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin ( found that women who live in disorderly homes have greater cortisol levels than women who live in neat homes. What exactly does this mean? Your environment has a direct impact on your stress levels. Taking care of those unfinished tasks and having your home in order will help you control your stress levels. And wouldn’t it be great if we could all find useful methods to relieve stress in our hectic lives?

More Energy and Activity

The truth of it is, while cleaning is simple, it gets you moving. Cleaning the house will not burn as many calories as a full-blown high-intensity interval training session, but it will be significantly more physically demanding than lounging on the couch. Maintaining your home means that you’ll be able to get some exercise in for your body at various times throughout the week. In fact, Health Magazine compiled a list of ten different jobs that you may complete that will each burn 100 calories.

Increase Productivity

Do you ever find yourself searching the room for a distraction when you have a task you don’t want to start because you’re dreading it? Disorganization makes it easy to find something that can be used as a procrastination tool. It is much easier to get things done when everything is in order. On the other hand, when everything is chaotic and in disarray, focus suffers.  A study in 2011 has shown that visual stimuli actually compete for your attention.

Healthier Food Choices

Have you ever observed that when you’re anxious, you have a strong craving for junk food? The body’s natural response to stimuli is to get agitated, and as we’ve already discussed, clutter and messiness are stressful. However, there is some good news. Cleaning up doesn’t simply make you less likely to crave unhealthy foods; it might actually encourage you to make healthier choices as you clean. In a 2013 study published in Psychology Science (, participants were given with a variety of food options. People who had been working in a well-organized workplace were twice as likely as those who had been working in a disorganized setting to choose an apple over a chocolate bar after finishing their work.

Less Frequent Illness

The absence of germs and bacteria in a clean home reduces their ability to hide. In addition, dust and allergens accumulate in carpeting, bedding, and upholstery over time, adding to the worsening of allergies and asthma symptoms in the home. A clean home has numerous health benefits, which are self-evident. Cleaning on a regular basis is essential if you want to maintain your health and the health of your family. Don’t limit yourself to merely vacuuming and dusting. Consider the possibility of decluttering your surfaces. The greater the number of things in your home, the more difficult it is to dust and disinfect them. It is easier to maintain everything properly clean when there is more organization, which is beneficial to your health.

House Cleaning Benefits

We have shown how keeping a clean organized home can greatly benefit the health and well-being of those living within it. However, not everyone has the time to do a really good cleaning job. There’s work, there is family and children to care for. Effective cleaning of the home can easily be neglected and quickly become a problem. Hiring a home cleaning service can be the answer for many homeowners that just don’t have the time or the desire to clean house after a long busy day. Maid Service Direct knows the challenges homeowners face when trying to keep up with house cleaning chores and is available to help.

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