Things Your House Cleaner Wishes You Knew

House Cleaning Service

Whether you have had a professional cleaner care for your home before or it’s your first time, it always helps to prepare in advance. Expecting your house cleaner to keep your space immaculate between cleanings is not realistic. You will still need to do some upkeep between the visits of your home cleaning service to keep your home fresh and clean. Here are somethings your home cleaner wishes you knew, but may not tell you.

Accurately Described the Cleaning Job

Home cleaners are professionals and are experienced at handling just about any type of mess. However, even home cleaners do not like surprises. When ordering services, be sure and accurately describe the condition of the space to be cleaned. If your pet had accidents all over your nice rug, do not wait for the cleaner to discover it himself or herself. Given advance warning of a mess, our professional cleaners can suggest the proper methods to clean and get the best results. Cleaners may not come prepared with the proper tools for a major carpet or floor cleaning job if not made aware in advance. This could cause a time delay with getting the space ready for something you have planned.

Curb Unrealistic Expectations

Most home cleaners will tidy up areas they can reach with a 3 step stool comfortably. If you are expecting an area beyond that reach to be cleaned, you should discuss it with your cleaning service before placing your order to see if you can be accommodated. Safety of the cleaner is the priority when it comes to cleaning especially high areas.

Blinds Can Be Difficult to Clean

Window blinds take a beating from the sun’s rays during the day. They become worn and can break easily during a cleaning. Cleaning services may charge extra for cleaning blinds or may require you to accept a disclaimer in case of damage to the blinds. Be mindful of the present condition of your window blinds when requesting a cleaning for them. Cleaners will always do their best to clean them without causing damage, but even the most delicate cleaning can end with a few broken blinds.

Move Heavy Objects In Advance for your House Cleaner

If you are expecting or wanting an area behind a large appliance or piece of furniture cleaned, have the object moved so a cleaner can get to the area you want cleaned in advance. Cleaners will not move heavy appliances or furniture due to the chance of injury. So have that couch moved from against the wall if you want the floor cleaned or the baseboards cleaned. Have that heavy refrigerator moved out from the wall far enough for a cleaner to reach the space with a broom or mop.

These are only a few things your home cleaners wish you knew. There are many other things they would like you to know to get the best results possible from your cleaning task. For more information, contact us at Maid Service Direct to learn more.

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