How to Prepare for Your Home Cleaning Service

House Cleaning

You’ve decided to hire a professional home cleaner, but you are not sure what you need to do to prepare for their arrival. In this article, we will discuss house cleaning service etiquette so you can get the most from your service.

Describe the Space Accurately to the Home Cleaning Service

One of the first things to get right is when ordering the service. Be sure and describe the space to be cleaned accurately. Most home cleaning services determine their prices based on the size of the home, or number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Accurately describing your space will save time and avoid any delay with the successful completion of your cleaning job. It is standard practice for our pro house cleaners at Maid Service Direct to look over the space upon arrival to make sure it matches the job description. If for some reason the space is bigger than described, or there are more bathrooms and bedrooms, our cleaners will not start the job. Instead, they will contact the home office to report the discrepancy. Our customer service will then reach out to the homeowner or client and seek to correct the order. Additional charges may be required and agreed upon before the cleaners will be advised to start the job. If some reason an agreement cannot be achieved, the job will be canceled and a cancellation fee charged to the customer. This policy is sent to the customer in writing in an email immediately after the customer places the order. It is also mentioned on our website’s booking page so there are no surprises.

Pick Up Toys and Clutter

Unless it was discuss and agreed upon, home cleaners typically do not pick up clutter or children’s toys. Pick up toys, junk mail, loose change, and whatever else that has found its way to your countertops. The less clutter you have around, the easier it will be for your house cleaner to focus on more important tasks, such as wiping down your baseboards and dusting your vintage Precious Moments figurines. The cleaners will mop floors and vacuum carpets as part of the service, however putting away children’s toys and picking up dirty clothes would be an add on service charge. By preparing the space ahead of the arrival of cleaners, your job can go smooth and quick.

Clear Away Food Messes

Unless otherwise specified, most house cleaners do not wash dishes or deal with food messes. Washing and putting away your dirty dishes will make it much easier for your pro to clean your sink and the surrounding areas. As part of our regular cleaning service however, our cleaners will place dirty dishes in your dishwasher if you have one.

Secure Fragile Items and Valuables

It is always a smart decision to secure anything that could easily get broken during the cleaning. Our home cleaners are always very careful, however accidents can happen. You do not want that valuable vase to come crashing down, so secure it before the cleaners start the job or at the very least, make them aware of it. If anything else is especially valuable to you or needs to be cleaned in a specific way, let your home cleaner know in advance.

Secure Your Pets

Good house cleaner etiquette means making sure your pets are secured before the cleaners arrive. You do not want your pets to get in the way of the cleaners, who will be focused on getting your cleaning task done correctly. Your pet could be overlooked and potentially injured or possibly cause a cleaner to get injured while trying to avoid your pet. Some cleaners may have a phobia about some animals or even be allergic to them. To avoid mishaps with your fur babies, put them in a secured area or crate them until the job is completed for their safety and the safety of the home cleaners.

Communication is Key

For the best results, thorough communication with your cleaning service is key. Even the best cleaners will miss areas you, the client, had in mind to be cleaned. Pointing out any areas you want to have special attention in advance will insure a good outcome. With Maid Service Direct, we do not charge our clients until they are completely satisfied with the job we’ve done. If a customer is not satisfied, we will work until they are satisfied, even if it requires another visit. That is our guarantee and commitment to our customers for 100% satisfaction.

For more information or to schedule your home cleaning, visit our booking page or just give us a call.

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