How To Clean Your Blinds

Window Blinds Cleaning

Mini blinds can be a dirt and dust magnet. They can also be frustrating to clean if you aren’t sure where to begin. According to a survey, thirty-one percent of homeowners say that cleaning window treatments is their least favorite cleaning job. Here are a few different methods for cleaning mini blinds.

Method 1: Simply Dust
If you’ve been cleaning regularly, your blinds should only need a bi-weekly dusting using a Swiffer brush or by using the brush attachment on your vacuum hose. To vacuum, first lock the blinks in the up position and vacuum along the length of the slats working from the top of the blinds to the bottom. Then, switch the blinds to the down position and repeat the same process again. The more often you dust your blinds, the less often you will need to wash them.

Method 2: Use The Tub
For blinds that need a deep cleaning because they haven’t been cleaned in a long while, throw them in a bath tub. Fill the tub half way with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap. If the blinds are really grimmy, add some degreaser such as Krud Kutter or Simply Green.

Remove the blinds from the wall. They may be the type that snap in and out of place, or you may have to remove a few screws. Then place the dirty blinds in the tub. The warm soapy water should cover them completely. Let them soak for 10 to 15 minutes to losen the dirt and grime before attempting to clean. After soaking you can then clean each slat by hand while the blinds are in the tub. Use some cotton gloves or a cleaning cloth.

Once you’ve given them a good wipe down, drain the water from the tub and rinse the blinds with clean water. It will be necessary to hang them some place other than back on the widow to dry. A close line or on the shower curtain rod in the bathroom will work fine. You can also lay them out on the floor on top of some dry towels and let them dry.

Method 3: Clean Blinds Outside
If the weather is nice, you may prefer to wash your blinds outside. Find a place to hang them up, such as a clothesline, fence, or deck rails will work nicely too. Have a bucket of warm soapy water on hand and you can use cotton gloves or cleaning cloths to wipe each side of each slat.

A garden hose makes rinsing your blinds very easy, however do not powerwash. Rinse the blinds with very low pressure or you risk breaking some slats. After rinsing, you can leave the blinds outsite to dry in the warm sunshine before returning them back to their place.

There you have it. Three effective ways to clean your blinds. If these methods sound like more than you want to do, you can always call Maid Service Direct and we will do the job while you relax.

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