Post Construction Cleaning

Home Renovation Cleaning

Your home renovation is finally done, however you can’t help but to see all the dust, dirt, and debris left behind by the workers. It’s possible you weren’t expecting to have to clean up after the renovation was done, however, depending on the agreement you had with the renovation company, the post cleaning could be entirely on you.

Many homeowners may be surprised to discover that the post-renovation clean up may be their obligation. Depending on the contract or agreement, the remodelling company may not have agreed to do any clean up at all.

Cleaning up after a significant renovation job is very different from your regular home cleaning. Hiring a home cleaning service with experience in post renovation cleanings may be the best move here. They are use to dealing with post-renovation clean ups and will have the proper supplies and equipment to take care of the job.

Post-Renovation Cleaning Checklist

While a post-renovation cleaning is an essential final step to getting your house back to regular mode, there are other benefits. Getting rid of all the excess dust and dirt ensures that your house is safe and healthy for your entire family. Continually breathing in dust can result in a variety of health issues that could be relatively avoided by a post-renovation cleaning.


When you agree to renovate your home, you’re likewise consenting to getting massive amounts of dust all over the place. The problem with dust is that it gets into everything and can be difficult to entirely remove. Your post-renovation cleaning crew will have to clean every surface, including the inner areas of drawers and cabinets. Any furnishings or linens that were left inside during the reno will have to be dealt with as well.

Clean Air Vents and Replace Filters

When the surface layer of dust has actually been handled, it’s important to remove any air-borne dust. Dust can end up being caught in air filters and go through your ducts to other areas in your home. Dust from your kitchen restoration could end up in your bed room upstairs.

To keep dust at bay, have your post-renovation clean up team remove the air vents and wash them with soap and warm water. Make sure to change any exposed air filters with fresh ones prior to replacing the vent covers. If you had an especially substantial renovation done, you might like to arrange for a duct cleaning.

If you have carpets, ask your post-renovation clean-up team if they offer carpet cleaning. If not, you can always call a carpet cleaner to do a deep clean of your carpets.

Clean Windows
Windows are magnets for all sorts of dust and dirt. If left uncleaned, these layers of dirt and dust will continue to build up, letting less light into your home and possibly harm your windows. Depending on the materials left on your windows, you can run the risk of scratching the glass if they are not cleaned properly. If your windows need to be cleaned both internally and externally you can get in touch with a window cleaning service to do this job.

Additional Materials
These items might consist of things like additional tiles, pipes, wood, paint, drywall or anything else that was not used by the team throughout your remodelling. You can likewise get the aid of a scrap hauling company for larger items or things you can not put out with your regular trash.

When it comes to post-renovation clean up your best option is to employ a group that specializes in this sort of cleaning. Be sure to state that you need post-renovation clean up when getting quotes from companies.

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