Residential Cleaning Service

Why is Residential Cleaning Important

Residential Cleaning Service

Let’s face it, people are so busy these days it can be challenging to prioritize and put the things we need done in some type of organized schedule. Oftentimes house cleaning can get put on a backseat. Before you know it a small house cleaning job can become something major if we don’t keep up with it. Keeping a clean residence is not about just having a good looking home. There’s much more at stake and house cleaning is more important these days than you may imagine. 

A clean home actually can keep you healthy by removing germs and viruses that can make you extremely ill. A clean and fresh smelling house can even improve your state of mind and sense of well being. The abundance of clutter in your immediate surroundings can negatively affect your ability to focus or concentrate on tasks fully. This was confirmed in a 2011 study from The Journal of Neuroscience when MRI’s were used to track brain response to cleanliness and clutter. The study found that clutter limited the brain’s ability to process. Therefore, by removing clutter overall productivity can increase due to less distractions in the immediate space.  

Some areas of your residence need more attention more often than others. However, since your home is where you and your loved ones will spend most of their time, the entire home needs regular cleanings.  

Residential Bathroom Cleaning

The restrooms in your home see a lot of use throughout the week, and keeping clean and free of germs can be challenging. One flush of the toilet produces thousands of tiny aerosol droplets, which can contain bacteria and viruses and contaminate surfaces up to six feet away. The average toilet is covered with about 295 bacteria per square inch and the toilet’s handle can have as much as 83 different bacteria per square inch. Bathrooms, as you can see, require regularly scheduled cleanings to keep the family safe from disease and illness. 

Maid Service Direct cleaning services recommends weekly bathroom cleaning and can help you keep up a bathroom cleaning regimen so you can enjoy the things that matter most.

Bedroom Cleaning

Although we spend nearly one third of our lives in our bedrooms, mostly sleeping, bedroom cleaning can also be the last thing on our list and can easily get skipped all together for days. Sure you can make your bed when you rise for your day. But who has time to clean the blinds, dust furniture, and clean the floors and vacuum? A clean bedroom is essential for health and overall wellbeing. Seeing a tidy bedroom puts you in a relaxing state and helps you to enjoy the space. But with a busy lifestyle involving children and a professional career a pristine bedroom doesn’t always become priority #1. By working with an experienced residential cleaning service, regular bedroom cleaning can be taken off your “to do” list. The cleaning team at Maid Service Direct will allow you to get your time back without sacrificing a quality residential bedroom cleaning job. Maid Service Direct cleaners will keep your bedroom looking inviting and smelling fresh so you can get the rest you need to take on the world the next day.

Residential Flooring Cleaning

The floors of your home are where your pets walk or your small children crawl over. The common allergens that exist in and around your home will inevitably find their way into your carpet and on your floors. The floors of a residence come in different surfaces depending on the room. Carpet, tile, even and hardwood can all be in the home. Each requires a different type of cleaning to stay fresh and free of germs. 

Residential Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is another area of the house that is high on the list of important areas to keep clean. Keeping the kitchen clean is not just for aesthetics, a clean kitchen can actually save your life. Kitchens are where we prepare our foods and handle meat on counter tops and cutting boards. It is vital to keep these surfaces clean to prevent cross contamination of food. 

Unclean kitchens invite pests and bugs no one wants in their home around their families. To keep rodents and roaches at bay, regularly scheduled residential kitchen cleanings are necessary. A reliable residential cleaning company such as Maid Service Direct can help keep kitchen spaces spotless.

Our professional cleaning team will:

  • Dust and wipe your countertops and eliminate crumbs
  • Dust and wipe your countertops and eliminate crumbs
  • Clean cooktops
  • Clean inside and outside your microwave
  • Polish the exterior of your appliances
  • Wipe away any fingerprints or smudges
  • Shine faucets and cabinet hardware
  • Vacuum and clean floors
  • Provide any upgrade service requested

Living Room Cleaning

Your family room is a high traffic area and a well-used space in your home. It’s where everyone gathers to reconnect after a long day at school or work. It’s where your family retreats to watch their favorite TV shows and to have good conversations as they wind down for the evening. 

This area of the home requires regularly scheduled cleanings as well to keep germs at bay. Furniture requires dusting and polishing, Carpets require vacuuming and wood floors need to be swept and mopped. The type of cleaning and product is determined by the type of flooring, fabrics and surfaces.

Because life passes by so quickly, it’s important to cherish every moment. Instead of spending time cleaning your living room, you should be simply living in it. Maid Service Direct is available to take that cleaning necessity off your “to do” list and put it on ours. We’ll help keep your Living Room germ and virus free with regularly scheduled cleaning service that fits your lifestyle.

Includes: Dusting, Straightening and Dusting Nick Knacks, Vacuuming Carpets, Dusting and Vacuuming Furniture, Cleaning Blinds.

Maid Service Direct Recommends: Weekly Livingroom Cleaning

To summarize, keeping your home clean is important to maintain the health of those who live there. While life can get in the way, keeping the residence clean is not something that can be an afterthought given the situation the world is in right now with the pandemic. With some normalcy coming back and lives getting busy again, it may be time to leave the cleaning to a professional. Maid Service Direct is a top residential cleaning company in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. They provide experienced home cleaners that have been highly vetted and background checked to ensure only the most trusted people handle client’s house cleaning jobs. With the convenience of easy online booking the service is great for busy professionals and homeowners alike. To get your quote or to schedule visit